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Important Feature: Reservations

Prefer to have your mountPt string and settings reserved?  The reservation feature of SNIP allows this.



Routine users of the service who do not have a reservation may now have these streams added to the reservations as staff time allows.  This change is motivated by the observation that many other users with RTKLIB derived software are often creating connections to and then never sending any actual data.  This process may repeat for hours on end.  [This could be described as a code bug in RTKLIB as well]  This changes allows better support for those parties that know how to use an NTRIP Caster without harming those that have connection errors to correct.

Best Practice; Get a Reservation

Drop us a note at our support email,  support [at] and we can set that up for you in RTK2go.    We need to know the following information from you:

  1. What do you want your reserved mountPt to be called, the Name of the entry?
  2. Do you want your mountPt to be Parsed.  If the data is RTCM3, they the answer is certainly yes.  If the data is CMR or a proprietary format such as uBox the answer would be no.  If you are unsure, say no.
  3. Do you want your mountPt to Public or to be Private (hidden) so that others do not see it in the Caster Table.  The default is to leave your mountPt public, in which case it will appear in the Caster Table for other parties to be able to find it.
  4. Where is the data source located, give us a short string such as “Isle of Man”  “Los Angeles, CA”  “My Backyard” or the like.  This helps others find your site.  Your 3-digit country code is also of value, but not essential.  SNIP will add this based on your source IP.
  5. If you will be sending in data from a single public IP that never changes, let us know the value. This allows the reservation to only allow that IP, blocking potential attackers. The default is not to restrict the IP.  And besides, if you have a static IP you can do many of the same things does with a Lite copy of SNIP.
  6. If this data is not going to be parsed, and if you can provide use with a Proper Caster Table entry for your stream,  please do so.  (SNIP will fill out that Caster Table entry for parsed RTCM3 data type).

We will send you a reply (typically within 24 hours) with a unique password for your use. When your reservation is activated, no one will be allowed to log on and send that Base Station’s data stream to RTK2go except with the unique password and with the IP selected above (if selected).

Aside: Until the reservation is activated you can send in the same data without a reservation like everyone else.   So if it was working a short time ago and  just stopped, it’s a clear sign your reservation was just activated, check your email.  Use the assigned password from that point onward.


There is no cost for this service.  We are now running the RTK2go Caster to default any PUSH-In new connection as a “parsed” mode.  And if the message format cannot be determined it will default to un-parsed (raw).  This supports our CMR/CMR+ user community and those sending uBlox raw data. But a reservation with parsing enabled is also the best way to send SNIP RTCM 3 messages and have it parse over them and set up the Caster Table Entry automatically for you.

NOTE: A note to “emlid” or “Reach” users:  Please consider getting a reservation set up with us.  If you are sending RTCM3 data to this node, and if creating the Caster Table entry is too complex, then let SNIP automatically do it for us.  As per the above, drop us a short email and get a reservation for the mountPt name you want. Unlike the emlid Caster offering, RTK2go is a real NTRIP Caster following the rules defined by the RTCM standard.  It will correct and cope with minor flaws present in the emlid SW automatically.

NOTE: A note to RTKLIB users:  Please consider getting a reservation setup with us.  You can then leave the Caster string detail blank in any other RTKLIB tools  (e.g. RTKNAVI or STRSVR)  and SNIP will automatically complete the correct entry for you, if parsing is enabled.   As per the above, drop us a short email and get a reservation for the mountPt name you want.

Also NOTE:  The most current release from RTKexplorer now cures the “connects but never sends any data” bug which is present in the RTKLIB code base.   Please download this improved code if you are able to do so.   The most common reason for any RTKLIB based user (including emlid users) is due to this issue.  After several hundred such bad connections in a row without success, the SNIP Caster will ban the user’s IP for an hour or two.  Very frustrating for the user,  you can always check if your IP is being banned by asking for a status report:  here

An article with similar information on the primary SNIP support site is here.   The overall reservation system in SNIP is discussed in more detail here.