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Various way to use SNIP to connect your Base Station data to your end user community (NTRIP Clients).

Roll Your Own

Prefer to have a Caster of your own operating on your own machine?  That is just what SNIP was developed for.  And for small network operator, the Lite model is free.  Models for all current models of Window 32/64 from Win7 onward are available for download and evaluation.  You do not need to have a server edition.  Most SNIP deployments are simply hosted on a local machine for easy access by the operator.

Use RTK2go with it

Prefer to have a Caster of your own but do not have a static IP or your host PC is behind a firewall?  Then this RTK2go site provides a community solution for that.

Start a SNIP Network

Do you speak SNIP?  Join our growing user base operating SNIP nodes in over 180 countries bringing the value of RTK corrections to a host of new user applications, as well as the traditional RTK marketplace.

Want to run a network of RTK connections which you can then sell to others?  That is also what SNIP was developed for.

Unlike many other providers of NTRIP Caster technology, we don’t want to resell your data and we have no monthly usage fees.  The Basic and Pro models of SNIP support this use case with a very attractive ROI for business users.  See our extensive knowledge base for details.

Need help setting up a cloud based VM for use with SNIP? – we can assist.  Need us to provide you with dedicated a SNIP Caster with a special requirements?  Our Pro Edition was developed for these sorts of unique needs.

With Various Plug-In modules and additional slots for more Base Stations, Pro models of SNIP are some of the world’s most heavily used commercial NTRIP Casters.

Hosted Solutions

Need your SNIP Caster, setup, maintained, and managed for you?  Consider one of our Hosted solutions, now available for deployment on a hosted VM cloud solution in over two dozen countries.  Read about more about Managed Hosting solutions here.


uBlox + RTKLIB Users

Do you have a uBlox GNSS system and are using RTKLIB or one of the commercial clones of that code?

If you need to distribute your Base Station data to more than one party, you will need an NTRIP Caster such as SNIP to do so.  You can either download you own copy of SNIP, or you can forward the Base Station data stream using the STRSVR tool to the RTK2go node for distribution to others.  Here is a knowledge base page with more details about RTKLIB+SNIP.  Please consider asking for a reservation for your mountPt name as well.