SNIP NTRIP: SCSC - Caster Status Report

As of Mon, 25 March 2019 05:26:23 UTC   [22:26:23 (Pacific Daylight Time)]

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UpTime Details

This Caster is currently set to allow Autonomous use (no account needed to connect NTRIP Clients).
Tables to non-NTRIP devices are sent as HTML for readability.
All Caster table entries have been set to request that all clients send back NMEA-183 $GGA strings.
Individual stream details are Available by links to entries.
Additonal helpful message content is returned to SNIP clients when connections fail.
SNIP-2-SNIP support is Enabled at this time.

This Caster has been active for 14:13:47 (HH:MM:SS)
    Servicing 34,972 user requests, Receiving 4.070 GB and Sending 1.327 GB out. (ratio: 0.33)
    Servicing 40.96 new user requests per minute receiving 4.767 MB/min and sending 1.554 MB/min out.
    Connections: 6,157  NTRIP Rev1: Clients: 4,138 Casters: 1,028  Rev2: Clients: 763 Casters: 10 TLS/SSL: 0  Unique IPs: 318 
    Tables: Have sent 3,955 Caster Tables  (8.84 users/table),  and 217 Web Pages 
    Lifetime: Have serviced 20,139,766 requests,  Data in: 2.7619 TB and Data out: 1,540.811 GB 

Available Web Status Commands


  Build:  2.07.48    released Mar 18 2019 at 13:18:03   [wPRO 3b2a8]  
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